The Season For Giving…..Hope

“Because all businesses and individuals deserve a chance to succeed regardless of their personal or financial situation”   Vernon Stading Chairman and Founder This time of year brings a lot of despair for people personally and professionally. We ask if you have had a good year in 2018 that you help bring that good year to

How Do We Operate

“Because every business and person deserves a chance to succeed regardless of their personal or financial situation” Devoted Foundations SBC is a Not-for-profit organization, whose purpose is to better the business world including companies and individuals by providing free or affordable consulting, Professional guidance, and development and leadership both personally and professionally to those in need.  This organization

How Do We Use Your Donations?

What Do Your Donations Do?   “Each and every dollar that you give goes directly towards helping business owners and individuals in need. Here are some current examples of folks that we are helping now So that you can see exactly how those donations are making an impact in these people’s lives. “  Vernon Stading,

Struggling To Make It?

Are You Struggling? Have you ever struggled to put food on your table because you were out of work or underemployed? Maybe you didn’t have the skillset or education or had life circumstances that prevented you from getting a better job and making more money. Are you a business owner and have ever felt the

Why Donate to Us?

Every day in America about 12,000 businesses close and cease doing business and lay off thousands of employees in the process.  What if there was a way to help them before they closed regardless of their financial situation? Likewise, every day in America, over 60,000 people lose their job.  Many of them are near retirement