We all know that millions of businesses were deemed “non essential” and forced to close for the greater good of all humanity.  Millions more were forced to modify their business to delivery or pick up only, costing them 90% of their normal business revenue.  They were forced to live on little to no income, many as long as 6 months an counting, and its time to give back!   The time is now to help them get the professional guidance they need for FREE to modify, adapt and change their business to get back on track and making money again.  We have partnered with Devoted Enterprises and their consultants to give these folks the best chance to succeed!  Donate today because no amount is too small when it comes to changing someone’s future.

Likewise, if you or someone you know has a business in need, please have them contact us and find out how we can help them free of charge or for what they can afford.