Being a business owner today is one of the scariest and most uncertain things in the world.   Since the start of the pandemic in the US, over 86 million working people have been unemployed or under employed due to covid-19.  Tens of thousands of businesses have closed for good, and hundreds of thousands more are hanging on by a thread.  The US government has injected over $3 trillion into the economy to help small businesses but have given them little or no skills, training, or instruction on how to survive this crisis.  While the future can look bleak, there are tools and training that we can bring to these businesses on a large scale and help many of them stay in business for good!  But we need your help.  This cannot be done without you.  Your donations can help save the livelihood of countless businesses in 2021. Find out how! 

What do Your Donations do for Those in Need?

At Devoted Foundations, we are able to take the donations that come in to us and turn them around immediately to assist the businesses with the help of our partners at Devoted Enterprises.  We are then able to implement, with their help, their trademarked Business Health Check™ that has been specially modified to help businesses in crisis and to address the specials challenges that Covid-19 adds to the mix.  We will work to define and address the businesses biggest needs, help with their cash flow, find news way to increase revenue, new revenue generators, implement a brand new COVID-19 smart marketing plan and so much more.  You can read all that is included in the process of COVID-19 Business Success plan here.  If everyone reading this post donated just $10, we could help over 100,000 business in 2021!  No amount is too small when it goes towards helping those who about to lose everything!

If your business is one of those in need, please contact us to see how we can help you as well or call us at 952-582-4669.