What Do Your Donations Do?


“Each and every dollar that you give goes directly towards helping business owners and individuals in need. Here are some current examples of folks that we are helping now So that you can see exactly how those donations are making an impact in these people’s lives. “  Vernon Stading, CEO


For Businesses

Crisis can occur at any time and in fact happen every day in businesses all across the world.  They can be detrimental to businesses as well as those that depend on the business staying in business so that they can receive a paycheck.  If the business goes out of business , not only does the owner lose his/her ability to provide for his family , but so do all the employees that work for him/her.  This is the most common way that we help businesses with your donations.


Trying to pay the bills can be impossible at times as a business owner or an individual.  A client that we worked with recently struggled with this every single season. Their family business was seasonal and was only able to make money when the weather was warm enough for people to be outside. In Minnesota unfortunately, that can be a very short season. Sometimes only 5 months long.  To make ends meet, the father would do heavy labor and snow removal to try to pay the bills so that the business could reopen again in the spring and summer. As he got older, this became more and more difficult and the business was in jeopardy of closing down. This would lay off 60 employees during the spring, summer, and fall every year. Not to mention making the business owners unable to provide for themselves or their family. We were introduced to this individual by a business that Devoted Enterprises had helped . The mutual connection started what would be one of the biggest transitions in the life of this family run business.  The business offered recreational and outside fun activities in nature. That meant they were only marketing and advertising to folks that were nature lovers and excluded a massive percentage of the population. With the help of our consultants, we were able to connect them with businesses that were looking for team building in outside of the office, off site training venues and facilities. The two parties were a perfect match and after 6 months, not only was the business self-sufficient , it had enough cash flow to build inside facilities that could be used and marketed to year round.  The days of the business owner doing heavy manual labor and working in the cold during the winter to make ends meet were over for good! This was only able to happen because of generous folks that donated their time, money and efforts to make this happen.


Health can be a factor.   Last year we were able to help a business owner that had a tragedy happen.   The husband and wife team that ran this business suffered a tremendous set back that they were not ready for . The husband died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack. That left the wife, who did not know how to run the entire business (only parts of it), by herself.   They came to one of our free lunch and learn seminars prior to him passing away and heard how we help businesses. The wife remembered immediately who we were and called us right away after the tragic event. Because we work with individuals and businesses, at the time, we were trying to help a former business executive who had been laid off, get back into the workforce. This was challenging because of his age and the fact that many companies just do not hire executives in this day and age off the street. We were able to help pay him and utilize his skill-set  to help run that business until a more suitable person was able to be found that could do it on a permanent basis.  Again, this was only possible because of the people, connections, donations and time that was available because of Devoted Foundations.

For Individuals

Start a business with purpose– We were introduced to an individual through one of our other nonprofit affiliations. He had just suffered a terrible loss in his personal life. One of his relatives had gotten into medicine that was meant for the parents who had been recovering from major surgery. The medicine was an extreme narcotic and used for pain killing purposes under medical supervision. The child, not knowing what they were, got into the bottle , consumed some and ultimately ended up passing away with an overdose and complications.    Since then, our client has been consumed with ensuring situations like this never happen again. So much so that he invented a medical device that will only dispense medicine to the person that it is prescribed to through a series of high tech systems and processes involving not only The Pharmaceutical industry, the pharmacy, and also the individual prescribed the medicine. The client knew exactly how the invention should be made and distributed, but lacked the funds and the business planning knowledge needed to get this project off the ground. We are in the process of helping him get funding that he needs to begin the mass development of these devices and soon they will be all over the United States and internationally. Making this man’s dream and mission reality was only possible because of the donations that were given to Devoted Foundations and our ability to use the consultants from Devoted Enterprises through those donations .

Eliminate Barriers– Our next client found us via social media and needed us to provide solutions to the barriers that have plagued her her entire life. She is a single mother and has always been disgusted with how hard life is for her and other single parents. Because of this, she always wanted to start a daycare that offers unique and never seen before affordable drop off and flexible daycare options.  She always felt like she would never be able to make this happen because of her “lack of education” and lack of funds or ability to get credit to start her business.  Not only were we able to help her get the daycare organized, Started,  funded, and marketed successfully with minimal funds available to the client , we were able to connect her to a kind soul who offered to purchase the building that the daycare is located in. The individual then sold the building back to her through a contract for deed option so that she is now able to be a commercial real estate owner as well as a business owner!   All of this was done with the inability to obtain any kind of outside credit or funding to start her business!  These are the kind of unbelievable blessings that your donations can bring to someone in need and make dreams come true . No matter how large the barriers are.

As you can see, at Devoted Foundations, we use people, resources, connections tools, and our skills along with your donations to help people in all sorts of scenarios and situations in life become successful and remove those barriers that are preventing that success.  Please consider giving today as no amount is too small when it comes to changing peoples lives!


We rely heavily on the support that Devoted Enterprises, the Small Business Advisory Board, our sponsors, and our Donors to help make special things happen every day in the lives of those that we meet and come in contact with!  Thank you for your support!