“Because every business and person deserves a chance to succeed regardless of their personal or financial situation”

Vernon Stading- Founder


Devoted Foundations SBC is a Not-for-profit organization, whose purpose is to better the business world including companies and individuals by providing free or affordable consulting, Professional guidance, and development and leadership both personally and professionally to those in need.  This organization removes that barrier and allows our clients to get the support they need regardless of their financial situation.  We rely on your donations to help these clients succeed!

How Does This Work?

We get asked all the time how this organization works and what do my donations support.  The easiest way to answer that is to break it down by the two types of support we provide.

Businesses in Crisis- Most businesses that come to us are in a situation where there is no way that they can afford to help themselves let alone to pay someone else that can help them.  According to Forbes  The Number one barrier keeping businesses from succeeding is funds.  They Lack funds to grow, pay the bills, add staff, be able to survive catastrophes, or get the help that they truly need.” We remove that barrier by allowing them to get the support they need by doing a custom fundraising event for them or allowing them to pay what they can afford.   We take donated funds and pay staff to help these businesses get back on track through business consulting, business development, and operational guidance etc.  Whatever the business needs, we can provide in just about every case.  We work with the clients internally that we can handle in house and outsource the support that we cannot handle to organizations such as Devoted Enterprises, the Small Business Advisory Board, and select individuals that  come to Devoted Foundations SBC in need or with donated time. Once the business is getting back on track and is making money again, we ask for them to pay it forward.  We do this by getting them to pledge a monthly dollar amount or their time and support to help others just like them in the future.  This allows us to keep the cycle alive and moving.  These businesses also pledge to help and foster individual professional improvement but offering paid or unpaid internships to help those in need add valuable experience to their resume thereby allowing them to better their careers.

Individuals-   We take donated funds and help these individuals get back to work by connecting them to our clients that are growing and adding new talent, do resume work & job training for them to further their career, and help them write business plans or “Pitch Decks” to get funding needed to open their own business when they lack funds to do it on their own due to life circumstances.  We have even helped them in times of financial crisis while in between work.  We have been known to take individuals that lack education or work background but that want to succeed and advance and get them paid or unpaid intern work with our current and former clients.  This allows them to succeed in a way that was not achievable ever before.    Like businesses do, they also pledge to give back monthly in the form of donations and volunteered time once their get back on their feet.  This allows us to continue on our mission to ensure that all businesses and individuals deserve a chance to succeed regardless of their personal or financial situation.

To support our mission in helping others we ask you to Donate funds directly or to Contact us for more information or to donate time or volunteer support.  Please help us support those in need!