We believe that every business deserves a fighting chance regardless of the hand that they and their ownership has been dealt.  At Devoted Foundations we partner with organizations like Devoted Enterprises and Devoted Pawn Consulting and the Small Business Advisory Board to help businesses in crisis and allow those businesses to stay afloat and thus continue to allow the owners and their staff to survive.  We need you to help this organization stay in business  after 43 years of success!

The Business in Need

Our client is an international client and has been successful for over 30 years.  About 4 years ago, the family of the ownership was shocked with terrible news.   The owner’s wife, was diagnosed with stage 5 cancer.  This was not only crushing to the family but for all those that have depended on this business over the years.  The business prides itself on helping those in need get the money they need and deserve and offers second hand retail items so that customers can get the best deals possible while shopping.  It  has been an essential part of the its community’s economy for over 30 years.  It has even given over half a million or more to charities all over the world to help those in need and to give back.    Needless to say, the years of expensive, out of pocket medical treatments have taken their toll on the business and them personally.   The business’ lines of credit are maxed out and the expensive Dr visits and uncovered medical costs has also gotten them in financial ruin as their personal credit is tapped out.  So much so that the banks they used to love them for over 15 years, will not do anything to help because when you are in need, you are a “risk”.

The business employs 12 staff and many of them have been with the organization for over 10 years.  Some even since the beginning.  If the business fails, they will be out of a job  and for many, this is all they have known so picking up the pieces will not be easy.   Likewise, the owners who are now getting even closer to retirement age have nothing to fall back on and are on the verge of losing everything.

How Can You Help

Our mission to help these people and businesses in need is solely dependent upon you and ability to donate funds.  Your Donations will go toward a team of consultants helping their business get back on track and thus relieving part of the pressure that the owners are facing. It will allow them to not go bankrupt and lose everything that they have worked their entire lives for and have to lay off staff that .   We will also consult them on how to get back on track financially in their personal life as their business continues to improve and make more money like it used to.  Lastly, the donations will be used to connect them with other resources that they need such as counseling, support groups and organizations that can help them with any needs that we are unable to provide for them.

How Much is Needed to Help Them?

Because this business is overseas, we are hoping to raise $13,800 dollars. We estimate that this will be at least a 6 month project and the breakdown for needed funds are:

Airfare for consultants (2) – $4,000

Hotel for consultants (2) $3,500

Food and incidentals for consultants (2) $1,000

International Transportation – $500

Pay for Consultants and support(2)- $4,000

Supplies- $500

Misc. -$300

Total- $13,800

In return for the free support that we will provide on site and remotely to this organization, the owners commit to giving back and donating whatever funds that they are able to each month to continue to pay it forward to others in need!


Please consider giving to these people in need as the only option they have other than losing everything and filing for bankruptcy.