Covid-19 Business Closures

We all know that millions of businesses were deemed “non essential” and forced to close for the greater good of all humanity.  Millions more were forced to modify their business to delivery or pick up only, costing them 90% of their normal business revenue.  They were forced to live on little to no income, many

International Client in Need

We believe that every business deserves a fighting chance regardless of the hand that they and their ownership has been dealt.  At Devoted Foundations we partner with organizations like Devoted Enterprises and Devoted Pawn Consulting and the Small Business Advisory Board to help businesses in crisis and allow those businesses to stay afloat and thus

Why Donate to Us?

Every day in America about 12,000 businesses close and cease doing business and lay off thousands of employees in the process.  What if there was a way to help them before they closed regardless of their financial situation? Likewise, every day in America, over 60,000 people lose their job.  Many of them are near retirement