“Because all businesses and individuals deserve a chance to succeed regardless of their personal or financial situation”   Vernon Stading Chairman and Founder

This time of year brings a lot of despair for people personally and professionally. We ask if you have had a good year in 2018 that you help bring that good year to those that have not.   Devoted Foundations SBC is a Not-for-profit organization, whose purpose is to better the business world including companies and individuals by providing free or affordable consultingProfessional guidance, and development and leadership both personally and professionally

Helping business owners requires resources and staff.  We currently have a waiting list of 26 businesses and professionals that need crisis consulting, professional development, job placement, business investments, and more.  We plan to use these funds not only to help more of those waiting for our help, but  to secure the full-time employment of an executive assistant that is currently the assistant to the Gale Sayers Foundation in Chicago.  She has amazing ability to help with fundraising and coordinating all of our clients and projects.  Getting her on board fulltime will make a major difference in not only the amount of money that we can generate through corporate sponsors and donations, but also the amount of clients in need that we can help on a daily, weekly and monthly basis!

How Do we actually help?

Businesses in Crisis

We work with the clients internally that we can handle and outsource the support that we cannot to organizations such as Devoted Enterprises, the Small Business Advisory Board, and select individuals that  come to Devoted Foundations SBC in need or with donated time. Your Donations in part geared to help us add more staff to the team and through that, help more individuals!

Individuals In Need

We take donated funds and help these individuals get back to work by connecting them to our clients that are growing and adding new talent, do resume work & job training for them to further their career, and help them write business plans or “Pitch Decks” to get funding needed to open their own business when they lack funds to do it on their own due to life circumstances.  We have even helped them in times of financial crisis while in between work.

Please give today and help someone know that you care about their success because everyone deserves a chance to be successful regardless of their current financial or personal situation .