Every day in America about 12,000 businesses close and cease doing business and lay off thousands of employees in the process and Covid-19 has made that even worse.  What if there was a way to help them before they closed regardless of their financial situation?
Likewise, every day in America, over 60,000 people lose their job.  Many of them are near retirement age or lack skills to get back into the workforce.  What if there was a way to help them prepare for their next career, or start a business, or use their decades of experience to help those business in need regardless of their financial position?

Devoted Foundation is a Special Benefit Corporation (SBC), founded by Vernon Stading, whose sole purpose is to better the business world including companies and individuals by providing free or affordable consulting, guidance or direction, development and leadership both personally and professionally.  This organization, with the resources that it has behind it, and your donations, has the potential to make a major impact in the lives of both businesses, and those folks that they employ!
At Devoted Foundations SBC, we aim to give business people & businesses the solid foundations that they need to be successful and help them in times of crisis. This will consist of  focus on two areas. The first will be businesses in crisis. We will help and consult businesses in critical situations to help them get back on track, so they don’t have to go out of business and lay off staff. This will help the economy, the owner, and the staff. This will include free lunch and learn seminars and free workshops etc. The second part will be to focus on the out of work professionals. We will help them either prepare for their next job with resume services and training, connecting them to our business connections seeking workers, or we will use their executive management and leadership skills to help us consult those businesses in crisis on a paid basis. Lastly, we will help connect those in need that we come in contact with in the business world that need support outside of business to those non-profits and other places out there that can assist them.

Having said that, you can rest assured that any funds that you donate, will be used for those in the most need!   Please consider giving today because even the smallest amount can help those business owners in need or those that need to get back to work!